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"I visit Ward End Primary school on a weekly basis to teach an adult group and I feel I must write to compliment the staff on what I see as I walk to the classroom.

The children are either working quietly in their classrooms or waiting to go outside.  They are all smartly dressed and extremely polite.  They step aside to let me pass and say hello. It is a pleasure to see such well organised and disciplined groups of young children and it is a credit to all the members of staff"

 Julie Williamson - Talking Together 


We’re delighted that your school has worked with the NSPCC Speak out. Stay safe. programme this term and would like to thank you and everyone at your school for your support. Children were so well behaved and respectful. They were an absolute credit to you and their parents.The welcome we had from the staff was very warm and friendly too. 

Tracey Hulston -  NSPCC Schools Service 


"Today’s workshop was really good. It always makes me feel better. Keep it up"

"Me and my son really enjoyed the workshop."

"Today’s session was really good and taught me a lot. We are sad it has finished."

"You and Me was so helpful for me."

"Interactive sharing experiences with other parents."

"The teachers are very good. We discuss new things every week. They are very friendly and helpful."

"It gave me lots of ideas and techniques I can use with my child. The teachers are fantastic."

"Loved the emotional bank sessions. Loved the workshop."

"Interactive Playful Informative Productive and insightful"

"This is the first time I have done decoration with my daughter. I enjoyed it and my daughter enjoyed it. Thank you for giving me this chance."

"Excellent information about keeping your children safe. Enjoyed the cake decorating also."

"It is fun doing these workshops. I like the activities with my child in school environment."

"Enjoyed spending time with my child and definitely appreciate the introduction and topics – all positive."

"New ideas of spending time with kids and doing activities they enjoy."

"Sessions are appropriate and it is a nice bonding session – allows me to see different aspects of my son’s behaviour independent of any distractions."

"Reward charts are very good. Teachers made me feel very comfortable and relaxed."

"Keep up the good work…well done!"

"Really enjoyed time with my child in school."

You and Me Workshop Testimonials


"Leaders are aspirational for pupils and are focused on achieving the best outcomes for them. The leadership structure has ensured that all leaders respond well to the personal, social and academic needs of pupils. They set ambitious but realistic targets for them. All classes have a ‘class improvement plan’ where leaders identify specific support, key actions, staffing, resources and intended outcomes. Leaders monitor closely any attainment gaps between boys and girls and disadvantaged pupils, for example. They ensure that any gaps are addressed through effective teaching and interventions".

"The quality of teaching is consistently strong". 

Ofsted June 2018


 “Today was my last day as a student teacher at Ward End Primary School.  I am just emailing to say thank you so much for allowing me to do my final placement here. I have really enjoyed it - the staff and children are lovely. Such an amazing school! "

Sarah Masih (Student at Ward End Primary School)

 “Out and about before half-term, it was the first visit to Ward End Primary for a guided tour led by senior pupils in this “Rights Respecting” school. The pupils have really internalized and synthesized what Rights Respecting is all about and it struck me just how deeply they relate the articles in the Charter to their own lives and the lives of children around the world. Also met the budding entrepreneurs running the tuck shop and the new football team."

Colin Diamond (Director for Education in Birmingham) 

"Both watches said how well  the children represented the school and a pleasure to have them on station."

 Mark Walters (Ward End Fire Station)


"I have had the pleasure of working at Ward End Primary School for 5 years now, and it is honestly one of my favourite places to work. I have always found the staff (of every level, not just in the classroom) to be friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful. The students are enthusiastic in their learning, and I have been fortunate enough to work within various music positions at the school. Throughout my brief time there each week I have experienced how caring and sensitive the staff are to the well-being of each child, and the staff really strive to provide the students with as rounded and fun an education as possible. Not every school gives you such a warm welcome, and the atmosphere of the school is what makes it so unique."

 Clare Murphy (services for education)


"I just wanted to say thank you for your support and commitment to Norton Hall and helping us fulfil our objectives with the children and young people we are working with."
"I am grateful for your support and hope this continues in the future."

John Williams (Project Manager - Children & Young people's Services) 


" We would like to thank you for your inclusive attitude and all that your school has done to help support this pupil to make a successful fresh start at your school. Obviously without support such as yours, pupils can become very disadvantaged and find it difficult to get the opportunity to reach their potential in a mainstream setting"

Clare Campbell (Marywood Centre)


"I do think at Ward End you are proactive in engaging parents."

 Simone Bassi (Life Education West Midlands)


“Ward End Primary is an outstanding school. The progress that pupils make is among the very best in the country and they leave with high standards”.

 “Pupils think for themselves and learn independently. They love learning and participate exceptionally well in lessons”.

“There are warm relationships and strong mutual respect between staff and pupils. Pupils feel safe in school and they are taught how to stay safe”.

 “Pupils make outstanding progress overall, and particularly in Key Stage 2 where progress has been in the top 1% of all schools nationally for the past two years. As a result, attainment is in line with national averages at the end of Key Stage 1 and well above average at the end of Key Stage 2. This exceptional progress is made because teachers make lessons interesting and help pupils to build successfully on their experiences in previous years. Teachers and teaching assistants provide different work for pupils in the class that is challenging enough to strech every pupil and to move them on in their learning. Pupils who are struggling are given highly effective support”.

Ofsted Report 2012