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Year 2 Trip to Cadbury Road

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Year 2 have been learning about how Cadbury changed Birmingham. Cadburys decided to made “A factory in the garden” to improve the working conditions and the health of their workers. They made homes in the Bournville area to improve the conditions that their workers lived in and to improve their overall wellbeing. We also had some delicious melted chocolate to taste and a great time was had by all.

Year 3 Visit to Synagogue

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Year 3 have been learning all about Judaism. We have been looking at different artefacts of importance within the Jewish faith and we had the chance to visit a Synagogue! We learnt about the different festivals, the prayer book, the holy book and different items of clothing that are important to Jewish people. What an informative visit! A big thankyou to Amanda for such a fantastic tour!

World of Work Week - Overview

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The children enjoyed our annual ‘World Of Work’ week last week. All children across the school thought about what occupation/profession they would like to have when they are older and researched them online. They thought about their strengths and interests, wrote CVs for themselves, and held mock interviews. The Reception classes researched fire fighters and visited out local fire station to learn more about the job and about fire safety. Nursery looked into being a doctor/nurse. They also thought about what it would be like to be a librarian by visiting our local library. Year 1 thought about having their own shop and visited one of our local shops to get ideas. They also researched the role of a gardener and had the opportunity to ask Mr Potter some questions as he has his own gardening business. Year 2 had the chance to learn about being a zookeeper as we had a visitor in from Drayton Manor Zoo. They also had a visitor from Aston University to talk about what it is like to be an engineer. The children were given a challenge to design and build model pylons using a variety of materials. Key Stage 2 were joined by a cameraman who talked about his occupation and taught the children how to use a camera. Year 5 had the opportunity to work with one of the Beano graphic designers and produced some fabulous drawings. Finally Year 6 will be joined next week by the BBC WM political correspondent so that they can ask questions about working in media. It was a truly enjoyable week and an opportunity to once again remind children that they have a right to an education and to have aspirations for their future. The work linked well to our UNICEF Rights Respecting School work that is an ongoing thread throughout school. Well done everyone involved and a big thank you to all our visitors!

World of Work Week - Camera Man

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In year 3, we were visited by a cameraman who taught us all about his very exciting job. We looked at the different lenses and learnt about the qualities and skills required for the job.

World of work Week - Greek Visitor

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Year 3 learnt all about Ancient Greece and Sparta; we learnt about the battles and the differences between the boys and the girls. We learnt about what it was like to grow up as a child in both Greece and Sparta! It was so much fun! Did you know that books were expensive in Athens so the boys had to memorise everything? Girls were forbidden to take part in education or training! That is shocking!

Harvest Feast

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Year three have been taking part in a harvest feast to celebrate the end of their year of Food Discovery activities run by The Country Trust. The children have learnt to grow, cook, have run a market stall to sell their food and have visited working farms to discover where their food comes.

Healthy Eating

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